How to Create PNG File and Blog Poster Website Poster in Photoshop

How to Create PNG File and Blog Poster Website Poster  in Photoshop 

    People Ask how to create PNG File in Photoshop, png background, png images, transparent background, photoshop background, how to remove background in photoshop, png file, make image transparent, transparent image, how to make background transparent in photoshop, background images for photoshop. How do I use a PNG file in Photoshop? How do I create PNG images? How do I make the background transparent in Photoshop? Why can t I save a Photoshop file as a PNG? How do you save a JPEG with a transparent background?, How do you add an image to a layer in Photoshop? How do I place an image in Photoshop CC? How do I create a transparent PNG file? How do I make a white background transparent in Photoshop? How to make a blog post? How do you link a post to a page on Blogger? Where can I start a blog for free? How do you create your own blog for free? Where can I start a blog for free?

Create PNG File in Photoshop Video 

Watch Video 1 click here

Create Blog Poster in Photoshop Video

Steps How to Create PNG File  in Photoshop 

  •  Open Photoshop
  •  Drag down Selected Picture
  •  Go File Menu
  •  Create Costume File 4*6
  •  Click on Transparent 
  •  Now Drag Photo in this file 
  •  Select Tools and remove background
  •  save it png format
  •  And use it in your created blog post and Create  Poster of Blog 
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How to Create PNG File and Blog Poster Website Poster in Photoshop
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