About Teachers ShaalaKosh Project 2018

About Teachers ShaalaKosh Project  2018 | About Teachers ShaalaKosh  Project Gujarat ensures holistic coverage of student’s life cycle to facilitate improvement in student learning outcomes Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh) is a unique initiative of MHRD which aims to create a single platform to meet the data requirements of all stakeholders in school education ecosystem. The platform will cater to entire value chain requirements of the three key stakeholders - student, teacher and school management.  official Site is  http://shaalakosh.gov.in/
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Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh) is envisioned as a decentralized platform where states will have the flexibility to determine the level of integration of their existing systems based on their requirements. The states which do not have their own digital systems or have some of the modules as proposed under the initiative will have the autonomy to adopt the whole or specific modules of the platform as per their needs. They will also be able to customize, re-purpose and extend the platform to suit their specific needs.The platform includes the following components:

About,Teachers, ShaalaKosh, Project,  2018, MHRD,Login, Teacher,shaalakosh,gov,in, login, Present, Absent, Office work, Students, Attendees, Guajrat,

customized for teachers, headmasters, block level, district level, state level and central level administrators to facilitate entry of data in smooth and seamless manner.
in form of interactive dashboards with stakeholder relevant metrics and indicators to facilitate data-driven process management and decision making.
will be incorporated to serve as a means for driving action and accountability within the entire system.
Student Profile & Enrolment
Student Transfer and Progression
Student Attendance
Student Incentive
Student Achievement Management
Student Remedial Teaching
Teacher Recruitment
Teacher Profile
Teacher Attendance
Leave Management
Teacher Transfer and Promotion
Teacher In-service Training
Grievance Redressal
Teacher Salary & Reimbursements
School Information
School Infrastructure and Facilities
Inventory management
Expenditure Management
Mid-Day Meal Management
mobile The vision of Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKd applications) to enable data collection in streamlined manner with aims tablets, web to fulfil data needs of school education in the country.It also seeks to provide a common platform that will nify all the digital systems at the Central and State level This will improve accessibility of data, promote standardizatio and enable data usage to improve efficiency, create transparency and enhance
accountability in system All these changes will invariably result into improved studentlearning outcomes in longer run. ill be a lighthouse that will guide all data driv osed to bring a paradig Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh evel to national level and i Sion nmaking faueLs 2412Ne. .pdf Sho all PBz9 Through Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh), MHRD aims to revolutionize ducation tems throughout the country. The scale of the project we have embarked on is date system A key point of note h thatunparalleled and this is globally a one-of-it kind s sing U-DISE as the base platform since thi e most univers sally adopted ss the country
cosh) platform will be to allow st significant feature of this Extendete by providing the s per their own requirer g
Extended U-DISE (ShaalaKosh) is a novel initiative in terms of Data Management
for eGovernance in India The architecture is designed in a manner where a federated data
warehouse of Education related data would come into existence covering the Central
Ministry and the State Education Departments in all States. While a common framework is
being rolled out across States, the system would be flexible enough for States to build upon
for state specifc data needs. The system is being equipped with data analytical capabilities
for decision makers at State and Central level In all the System post implementation About Teachers ShaalaKosh Project  2018 http://shaalakosh.gov.in/

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About Teachers ShaalaKosh Project 2018
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