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Mission Vidhya Login page. Misson Vidhya, here is login page of Missionvidhya Login and Data Entry Portal Missionvidhya.Gunotsav.Org. Jeevanvidya Mission, Vidhya Mission Login, Also Patark X1 X2 Data Entry Start. Missionvidya, Mission Vidya, Student Gunotsav data also enable on site. User As your UDIS code And password is Default ssa@UDIS Code.

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Mission Vidhya
  • When you go on Portal of Mission vidhya
  • User As UDIS code 
  • Password is Defult ssa@UDIS code 
  • And Change Password of UDIS 
  • Update your Email And Name And Mobile No
  • Now See your Student Data 
  • And Fill Patrak 
  • X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 Patrak Data Entry
  • Student Data Entry
  • Vanchan Lekhan Ganan Mulyakn Data
  • Missionvidhya 0 to 5 Student Entry
  • Gunotsav Data of Student 
  • Vanchan Lekhan Module
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Mission Vidhya

This Portal is Useful For School And Government to Monitoring Every School Student. 0 to 5 Level Student Result Entry And Data of student are here

In Gujarat State, Gunotsav is being implemented since 2009 witht he aim to understand the status of primary education. In responset o the Gunotsav program, integrated remedial teaching was
launched for three months starting from December 21, 2011 toM arch 31, 2012 to provide need-based learning opportunities tot he students in all the primary schools. Integrated remedialt eaching was planned for the students who had attained 0-4m arks in the three subjects at the Gunotsav stage.

Mission Vidhya Login

Missson Vidy is Misson of Gov Gujarat For Primary School STD 6 TO 8 Reading Writing And Counting Ability Development Target.

This report focuses on the evaluation of the integrated remedialteaching. Pre-test data was collected by the teachers themselveson the basis of Gunotsav 2011 results. Post test data wascollected by CRC Coordinators from the school by assessingrandomly selected students from each class of standard 2 to 8.The BRPs have collected data for validation from 10 per cent of the total schools both before and after integrated remedialinputs. Sampling of these 10 per cent was done at the statelevel. Process andi input related data was also collected byUNICEF consultants during completion of integrated remedialteaching from 115 schools i in 14 districts.

The pre and post analysis was done for reading, writingn umeracy, English reading and English writing. The whole Stated ata revealed that students who indicated low achievementl evels at pre test stage, improved after sustained inputs, and att he post test level moved to a higher level of performance. Thed ata indicated that 42 per cent students have beenm ainstreamed in reading and writing, 40 per cent studentss howed improvement and are mainstreamed in numeracy and 27p er cent and 26 per cent of the targeted students improved andh ave been mainstreamed in English reading and English writingr espectively.T he BRP data indicated that 58 per cent students remained int he same interval of O to 4 marks in reading. 

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Missionvidhya Login
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