Mission Vidhya Abhiyan for STD 1 to 5

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Mission Vidhya Abhiyan, for , STD 1 to 5, Mission Vidhya Mulyakan File, Mission Vidhya Profile, Mission Vidhya Student  Profile, Mission Vidhya Hajari Patrak ,Mission Vidya Profile, Mission Vidhya Login Page
Mission Vidhya Abhiyan for STD 1 to 5

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Mission Vidhya Abhiyan

This Portal is Useful For School And Government to Monitoring Every School Student. 0 to 5 Level Student Result Entry And Data of student are here

In Gujarat State, Gunotsav is being implemented since 2009 witht he aim to understand the status of primary education. In responset o the Gunotsav program, integrated remedial teaching was launched for three months starting from December 21, 2011 toM arch 31, 2012 to provide need-based learning opportunities tot he students in all the primary schools. Integrated remedialt eaching was planned for the students who had attained 0-4m arks in the three subjects at the Gunotsav stage.

Mission Vidhya Abhiyan STD- 1 to 5

Missson Vidy is Misson of Gov Gujarat For Primary School STD 2 TO 5 Reading Writing And Counting Ability Development Target. This report focuses on the evaluation of the integrated remedialteaching. Pre-test data was collected by the teachers themselveson the basis of Gunotsav 2011 results. Post test data wascollected by CRC Coordinators from the school by assessingrandomly selected students from each class of standard 2 to 8.The BRPs have collected data for validation from 10 per cent of the total schools both before and after integrated remedialinputs. Sampling of these 10 per cent was done at the statelevel. Process andi input related data was also collected byUNICEF consultants during completion of integrated remedialteaching from 115 schools i in 14 districts.

The pre and post analysis was done for reading, writingn umeracy, English reading and English writing. The whole Stated ata revealed that students who indicated low achievementl evels at pre test stage, improved after sustained inputs, and att he post test level moved to a higher level of performance. Thed ata indicated that 42 per cent students have beenm ainstreamed in reading and writing, 40 per cent studentss howed improvement and are mainstreamed in numeracy and 27p er cent and 26 per cent of the targeted students improved andh ave been mainstreamed in English reading and English writingr espectively.T he BRP data indicated that 58 per cent students remained int he same interval of O to 4 marks in reading.

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NMMS Apply Online

Here is Inforamtiona About NMMS Apply Online NMMS Online 2018NMMS Scholarship Exam 2018, NMMS Scholarship, NMMS Exam Syllabus, NMMS Login, NMMS 2017-18, NMMS Exam 2017, NMMS Exam 2018. Here is useful information ablut NMMS.

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NMMS 2018

 NMMS Online Exam 2018
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NMMS Apply Online

1.0 The Scheme:
1.1 Under this scheme, it is proposed to award 100,000 scholarships to the gifted or meritorious students whose parental income is not more than Rs 1,50,000/- per annum from all sources. Each State /UT shall have fixed quota of scholarship which will be decided on the basis of enrolment of students in Class VII and VIII in the State/UT concerned and population of children of concerned age group of class VII and VIII. The scheme would provide reservation to different categories of students as per the State/UT norms; as different States/UTs have their own norms of reservation. However, the total number of scholarships to a particular State UT may be restricted to the allocation made by the Central Government. 1.2 These scholarships will be provided quarterly to the students studying as regular students in class IX in government, local body and government-aided schools. The scholarships will be paid from class IX till class XII for a maximum period of four years.

1.3 For fixing the scholarship to States/UTs, 2/3rd weightage would be given to enrolment of students in classes VII and VIII and 1/3rd wightage would be given to population of children of relative age group for class VII and VIII.

1.4 For fixing the 2/3rd weightage on the basis of enrolment of students in classes VII and VIII. For fixing the 1/3rd weightage population figures as per 2001 census may be relied upon. 

1.5 Out of total scholarships each State/UT will be allocated a fixed number of scholarships on the basis of the criteria prescribed above. Each State/UT will further allocate their quota of scholarship district wise on similar basis.

1.6 The amount of scholarship is proposed to be Rs.6000/- per annum @ Rs. 500/- per month.
1.7 The States/UTs are already conducting the examination for nominating the  students for the national level (second stage) examination conducted by the NCERT. The same examination shall be used for selection of candidates for the award of Means-cum-Merit Scholarships in the State/UT.

2.0 Procedure for Selection of Awardee Students:
2.1 Each State/UT will conduct its own test for selection of students for the award of  the Means-cum-Merit Scholarship. The State Level Examination may consist of 
the following two tests.
(i) Mental Ability Test (MAT)
(ii) Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

NMMS Scholarship Exam 2018

2.2 Mental Ability Test may consist of 90 multiple-choice questions testing verbal and non-verbal meta-cognitive abilities like reasoning and critical thinking. The questions in the test may be on analogy, classification, numerical series, pattern perception, hidden figures etc.
2.3 Scholastic Aptitude Test may consist of 90 multiple-choice questions covering subjects namely, science, social studies and mathematics as taught in classes VII and VIII.
2.4 Duration of the Test Each test will be of 90 minutes duration. Children with disability will be given extra time, as applicable.
2.5 NCERT will provide a uniform set of guidelines to all States/UTs for carrying out the examination and promote evenness of evaluation.
3.0 Declaration of Results
3.1 For selecting the students, the following conditions may apply:
(i) The students must pass both the tests i.e. MAT and SAT with at least 40% marks in each. For the reserved category this cut off will be 32% marks.
(ii) The parental income of the students should not be more than Rs. 1.50 lakh per annum from all sources.
(iii) At the time of selection for the award of scholarship the candidate must have scored at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in Class VIII examination. There will be 5 % relaxation for SC/ST.
(iv) The awardees should satisfy the eligibility and the conditions mentioned in the scheme.
4.0 Disbursement of Scholarships 
4.1 A student can avail only one Scholarship under any scheme.
4.2 The awardees will be asked to open Joint account with parents in State Bank of India, which has core banking facility;
4.3 SBI will ensure that their branches and its associates SBI Indore, Patiala, Mysore, Hyderabad, Travancore, Saurashtra, Bikaner and Jaipur will open account of such awardees without any initial deposit/minimum deposit charges and will issue  ATM-cum- Debit Cards;
4.4 The state will identify the awardees and hand over the list of beneficiaries to SBI for payment of scholarship;
4.5 The State Government / UT Administration will scrutinize the claim bills for payment of scholarship and subsequently their continuance and submit the list of eligible awardees to SBI for payment of scholarship. The awardees should get minimum of 55% marks in Class IX and XI and 60% in Class X for continuance of scholarship (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST candidates); 4.6 SBI will ensure that the scholarship is paid to awardees on quarterly basis (Rs.1500/- each quarter) after getting the list from each state;
4.7 SBI will instruct some of its branches to coordinate with the State Education Department for payment of scholarship;
4.8 Wherever SBI does not have its branches, the candidates will be asked to open their account in the public sector banks, which have Electronic Clearing System (ECS) facility. The SBI and its associates will transfer the scholarship on quarterly basis in the account of awardees.
5. General Eligibility Conditions
5.1 An Awardee is eligible for the scholarship provided he/she:
(i) takes up studies in approved courses.
(ii) maintains good conduct as certified by the Head of the College/Institution and continues his/her studies as a regular student in Government/Local Body/Government aided school.
(iii) does not absent himself/herself without proper leave.
(iv) takes up studies on a whole time basis.
(v) does not take up any job.
5.2 No scholarship shall be available for studies abroad for any course.
5.3 No claim for scholarship arrears will be entertained after the expiry of 12 months of the academic session for which one has applied for the claim.
5.4 In case any awardee leaves his/her course of study within one month of registration/admission, no scholarship shall be paid to him/her.

NMMS Scholarship

5.5 In case awardee is not able to appear at the annual examination due to serious illness, one should send the medical certificate through the Head of the Institution within three months of one’s falling ill. The duration of illness should be clearly certified by a specialist, who is a Registered Medical Practitioner. The facility will be available to the awardee to continue the same course in which one is studying provided the principal or the head of the institution certifies that the overall performance of the awardee during the year is 50% or above 
5.6 The awardee must join the next class/desired course within 3 months of the declaration of the result of the previous class/course.
5.7 Scholarship shall be deemed to be discontinued with any gap of one academic session in studies at any time due to any reason.
5.8 Scholarship once discontinued on the basis of the rules of disbursement of scholarship cannot be revived under any circumstances.
5.9 All rules are subject to change from time to time, as and when required, which will be binding on all awardees.
6.0 Eligibility and other conditions for starting and continuing of Scholarship at Secondary and Higher Secondary Stage
6.1 The awardees should get clear promotion from class VIII to Class IX for being eligible for starting the scholarship.
6.2 The scholarship at the Secondary and higher Secondary stage or equivalent Classes IX to XII is payable for a maximum period of four years for studies in India only.
6.3 No scholarship at this stage is payable for studying diploma/certificate level courses.
6.4 For continuing the scholarship in class X and XII the awardees should get clear promotion from class IX to class X and from class XI to class XII in the firstattempt with 55% marks (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST)
6.5 The awardees must obtain a minimum of 60 per cent marks in Class X (relaxable by 5% for SC/ST) examination or equivalent examination for continuation of the scholarship at higher secondary stage.
6.6 In case an institution does not conduct an examination at the end of Class IX and /or Class XI, the scholarship for the second year will be continued on the submission of a certificate to this effect from the Head of the Institution.

7.0 Strategy to implement the Scheme
7.1 For selecting the students for this scheme, the first level examination already conducted by the States/UTs for the NCERT’s, NTS Scheme may be utilized with the following conditions:-
(i) Registration of students for Means-cum-Merit Scholarship Scheme may be made separately from the registration of students made for NTS Scheme.
(ii) The students shall have minimum of 55% marks or equivalent grade in Class VII examination for appearing in selection test for award of  scholarship (Relaxable by 5% for SC/ST).
(iii) The students should be studying as regular student in government, local body and government-aided schools.
(iv) Parental income of the students should not be more than Rupees One Lakh Fifty Thousand per annum from all sources.
8.0 The scheme will be made operational from the financial year 2008-09 and the selection test for the first batch will be conducted for Class IX students in July, 2008 as a separate test. Thereafter the examination will be conducted along with the first stage examination of NTS for class VIII students from 2008 onwards. 9.0 The scheme will be critically reviewed after two years.

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NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF

NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF

NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF, This test file created by kalpesh chotaliya. It is very useful to students and teacher to learn and get test form it. it is also useful for NMMS and PSE scholarship exam 

  • NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6Test PDF
  • NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 7 Test PDF
  • NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 8 Test PDF

NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF

NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF, This test file created by kalpesh chotaliya. It is very useful to students and teacher to learn and get test form it. it is also useful for NMMS and PSE scholarship exam

NCERT Science Semester 1 STD 6,7,8 Test PDF